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Daystar Television & Better Health Naturally

Around the world, countless people just like you are desperately searching for answers.

Anxious and exhausted, aching and undone by years of suffering, you've daily endured the pain of hormone-related symptoms. But what if things could be different?

Born out of a shared commitment to help you thrive, Daystar is partnering with hormone and skin care expert, Barbara Hoffman, to bring you products with a purpose. 

From balancing your hormones to restoring your sleep, we’ve teamed up to provide practical, natural solutions to chronic symptoms, helping you experience the joy of everyday life.

So whether it’s banishing anxiety and exhaustion or renewing your excitement for adventure, we invite you to start your journey to a happier, healthier you today.


Better Health Naturally

Barbara Hoffman is an educator, researcher, author, and health advocate. In 1994, she began her journey to uncovering the countless benefits of bio-identical hormones.

As a former television producer, Barbara interviewed medical and naturopathic physicians from all over the world. Their wisdom combined with her passion eventually led Barbara to become president of Better Health Naturally and New Healthy Skin, which focus on developing holistic products that keep people healthy and balanced.

Today, Barbara devotes her time to educating others about the benefits of natural progesterone. She is the founder of the Progesterone Research Network and holds a degree in naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health. As she looks to the future, Barbara remains fully committed to continuing her work to create products and resources leading to a happier, healthier life for those suffering with hormone-related conditions.