Reflections - Volume 2 (DVD)



Chapter List

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Technical Specs

  • Widescreen Format
  • Dolby Surround
  • NTSC
  • Run Time: 94 Minutes
  • Closed Captioned

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ardith E, 02/25/2019

These are truly outstanding. I have been soothed many times over in the lat evening. Each video is wonderful. I only wish the closed captioning would stay on a bit longer! I am a slow

Reviewed by C. C, 03/14/2017

Excellent way to meditate on God's Word - Scriptures superimposed over incredibly beautiful live photography and spiritually uplifting music it is a complete package of peace and worship to the most High God.

Reviewed by Ann W, 06/22/2016

I love some of the songs on Reflections so much and I would have purchased them if you would add a chapter list. Plus some of them had a voice that read the verses that are just displayed. But I don't know which one of these Volumes have whatever on them. Or maybe you can indicate which volume when they air.

Reviewed by C. C, 07/15/2014

Another wonderful video to meditate on God's Word...incredibly beautiful music, beautiful scenery and beautiful scriptures. Can't wait for volume 3!

Reviewed by James, H, 10/01/2013

We love setting our DVR to REFLECTIONs and playing to start day, wind down day, or anytime during quiet times. I've bought both volumes also as gifts to family members. It's great way to share the Gospel in a 'non threatening' way....thanks Daystar

Reviewed by Julie , 05/30/2013

Excellent!! Please make more of them!!

Reviewed by Charlotte , 03/17/2013

I love the way that the music minister to me when I'm on my way to sleep, and the Peace of God fill the Bedroom.

Reviewed by Bill , 02/03/2013

I really like the songs on this volume of Reflections. They are very relaxing and good to hear. However, when I try to make a song selection, there is no way to tell what song I am selecting.

Reviewed by Janet H, 01/23/2013

I love to watch Reflections, but sometimes I can't read the scriptures, because the text is to small. Mostly because the text is in white. If the text was in red when the back ground is white or lighter colors it could be read better.

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