Reflections - Volume 1 (DVD)



Chapter List

  • First Moments
  • Amazing Grace
  • Prayer Bowls
  • The Love of God
  • Peaceful Hallelujah
  • Joyful Joyful Doxology Medley
  • All Hail the Power of Jesus Name
  • Heavenly Dreams
  • In the Garden
  • Solemn Prayer
  • Great is Thy Faithfulness
  • It is Well
  • Twilight

Technical Specs

  • Widescreen Format
  • Dolby Surround
  • NTSC
  • Run Time: 94 Minutes
  • Closed Captioned

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Nadine , 04/10/2019

I thank God for your program it brings me great peace when I listen to it

Reviewed by Lorraine W, 09/07/2018

I first saw this Daystar Reflections Program when my husband and I visited a hospice where a beloved friend was breathing her last awaiting her welcome into heaven. Our friend was unable to speak, and could respond very little. When this program was playing, her body was so peaceful, and she could "Be Still". What a precious program this is. We now found it on our home television, and this is indeed a part of our daily communing with the Lord, a glorious and powerful filter through our home.
It is 3 am, I cannot sleep for today my mom was moved into her new nursing home location. I came to the computer to see if I could find some calming spiritual DVD which could be purchased for my dear mother's home away from home.
This is perfect ... so perfect. I did not know I could purchase this fabulous DVD. Thank you God for blessings that never cease. Thank you Daystar for being a part of that blessing.
Deuteronomy 32:47 "For it (The Word of God) is not an idle word for you; indeed it is your life. "

Reviewed by Cindy H, 08/07/2018

The Reflections series on Daystar is one of the best programs you could turn on your television for. The beautiful music, accompanying scriptures, and astonishing scenery, goes beyond meditative and relaxing. It is spiritually fulfilling, and creates a feeling of happiness and wellbeing. It is worth every second you spend viewing. This program can change anxiety into peace, and so much more. I absolutely recommend it!

Reviewed by Yvonne , 12/12/2017

Reflections is a real blessing with the beautiful instrumental music and landscape scenery. Recent programs include vocal as well which I find distracting although the songs are beautiful and spiritual, I prefer Instrumental only.

Reviewed by Vicki , 09/03/2017

I have been watching Reflections for years. The first thing I do every morning is turn on this program while reading my devotional. The beautiful music, scriptures, and scenery from all over this gorgeous world is the most soothing way for me to start my day with Jesus. Thank you for this program! I bought this DVD a long time ago, I hope you offer more of them. Thanks and God bless you.

Reviewed by Nilie , 06/07/2017

I watch day star every day with my toddlers! We enjoy the presence of God it brings in our home. The peaceful atmosphere that help us to go for the pm nap. So thankful for reflection. May God bless day star TV. Love you

Reviewed by Sal , 10/31/2015

Where has this program been hiding all these years? It should be on every station early in the morning for anyone to meditate on. This is the best program ever for TV in its entire history.

Reviewed by Virginia P, 09/26/2015

I'm thankful for Reflections. It always brings peace to my heart. When I travel I take it with me as I never want to be without it.

Reviewed by Tammy A, 05/03/2015

I love Reflections...awesome worship was this show that brought me comfort when my husband was sick and eventually passed away...the Holy Spirit comes alive as I worship thru this show...Thanks for creating such a wonderful place of TRUE worship

Reviewed by Marie R, 02/22/2015

scanning thru channels, I stumpled upon "Reflections". I immediately felt at peace. This is truly an awwesome work. I feel the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is an awesome DVD.

Reviewed by Tim L, 12/08/2014

Truly a taste of heaven and a cause for hope. The union of nature's beauty, wonderful music, and uplifting scripture is stunning and transcendent. Humbles me to my core every time, thanks Daystar!

Reviewed by Emily G, 11/03/2014

These wonderful dvd's have helped me seek God's comfort in times of loneliness and loss. I have given several as gifts to teachers of my grandchildren and other friends and loved ones.The beautiful compositions and exquisite photography are matchless.

Reviewed by Pete H, 08/31/2014

Thank you for reflections. When I turn on the tv in my a.m. devotions It helps me to enter into the presence of God in a matter of seconds. Reflections ministry has ministered to me more than any other ministry has over the past 38 years.It is truly a gift from God to me and I am very grateful to him for it. Praise the Lord for His abundant goodness.

Reviewed by cheryl h, 06/28/2014

Love, love, love this dvd
Thank you Daystar for this dvd. I will be buying more!! Looking forward to future Reflection DVD's.
Love you programming also
God Bless you all.

Reviewed by Sheri N, 06/11/2014

This DVD is wonderful!! I workout to it and it helps me to worship the Lord -- what a way to start the day!

Reviewed by Sondra J, 03/12/2014

Oh, wow! This Anointed program is my alarm clock every morning as I spend my time in God's presence. The music and scripture passages are an awesome tool as you read your bible and search, the answers automatically come as the music gently ushers and comforts you in His Presence. Please increase program an extra hour if possible! Thank u Daystar!

Reviewed by The G, 10/24/2013


Reviewed by Raymond C, 09/03/2013

So Beautiful...God has used this way of revealing His Love to me through some very dark hours indeed...A universal language only He can speak and for (in my case) a humbled, repentant heart to receive.

No doctrine to be concerned with here, simply one of His attributes on display.

THANK you.

Reviewed by Jaycee , 08/01/2013

I am going to order these videos. I watch them on tv and they bring me so much comfort.
They bring me peace. I am going thru so much hurt in my life right now and these videos bring me comfort and I feel the closeness of God.

Reviewed by Nicole J, 05/31/2013

Who ever thought of this idea did a wonderful job. This program is one of my favorite because it gets me in a calm mindset.

Reviewed by Genie S, 04/25/2013

I am a elderly caregiver to a Beautiful Godly women maried to a great Godly man 65 years and I find Reflections to be so inspirtional as she pedals her stationary bike 1.5 miles riding thru God's beautiful creation as she reads scripture embracing God's Love thru His Word.Thank You so much for those who are shut in. Vivid Blessings!!!

Reviewed by Ms B, 04/18/2013

While I was praying and playing your soothing music I had ask GOD for an answer either by a song,Bible verse or someone's words. After praying and with the music still playing;the answer was there through a song which was"You can begin again"by the Daystar Worship Team.I wish that I can hear that song more often.Thank You Daystar for having me to have peace in my heart on moving on to next level of my life.

Reviewed by Emily G, 04/16/2013

What a wonderful dvd this is. It has helped me through a painful time of loss and I am ordering 5 more for friends for their prayer life. I truly feel this is a bit of heaven!!

Reviewed by Vicki , 03/15/2013

I can't tell you how much I love this program. I watch it every morning during my bible time, and sometimes I just have it on many times during the day just for the peace it brings. Love having scriptures right on the screen to remind me of God's powerful Word. Please continue with this program.

Reviewed by josh b, 02/25/2013

I cant fully explain it but this Reflections program is truly blessed by God in a miraculous way. its like a compass to equilibrium in the lord. Ive been so blessed by it and know many others have too. thank you for making DVD and bluray available. peace. God bless

Reviewed by Stephannie C, 02/18/2013

I love to listen and play along on my keyboard with each of the pianists (a little hard without the sheet music but still it is very enjoyable). The scenery is breathtaking and I am fully relaxed in the wonders of the Father's creation. It is feels like I can actually reach out and touch my Savior's hand. I look forward to many more DVDs to come in the near future and maybe hope Daystar will have the sheet music available for purchase too. It is very uplifting and calms the my troubled soul and brings healing. Thank you for this wonderful blessing of music.

Reviewed by keni , 01/08/2013

SO happy this is on dvd. It is so incredibly comforting. I love to behold the splendor of God's creation, listen to the songs of praise and worship, and read God's word as I drift off to sleep. It is a proven remedy for my insomnia.
For me, this is a MUST-have!

Reviewed by L H, 01/06/2013

Reflections is a wonderful program that soothes through the Word, the scenery and the music. I sleep with it so everytime I open my eyes I see the Word of God. The white lettering should be changed because in osme instances it is hard to read with the scenery, especially for older eyes.

Reviewed by Cheryl D, 12/23/2012

Praise God for Daystar and Reflections. I have never been a great sleeper, so flipping thru the channels one night I found Reflections. It helps to remember God is in control of all things and how good God is. I now watch reflections every night and it puts me at peace. I have also become Daystar's #1 fan.

Reviewed by Leo J, 12/23/2012

I love this program too. I wish they would say whose music they are playing

Reviewed by greg w, 12/15/2012

i hope and pray for great success of this and this will be the begining of many many dvd's or cd's to come god bless-

Reviewed by Rita S, 12/13/2012

This program is the best in television. Beautiful scenery with music to match. Scripture to bring ones heart and mind and soul to God. Also a great way to relax and relieve stress. Helps me to relax and approach whatever I have to face with calm, peace, and charity. Best and most worthwhile puchase I have ever made.

Reviewed by Melanie F, 10/08/2012

I love this program, and it really helps me sleep and be comforted in stressfull times. I find the white lettering hard to see and read at times. I want to order this DVD after I move from Washington to Florida, and am so thankful you are offering it for sale! God BLESS you.....

Reviewed by Ed M, 10/07/2012

Thanks be to GOD for reflections,and Joe Ninowski with Peaceful Halleluia....that selection places me at the white throne of GOD as I sing along with them.

Reviewed by Bobby P, 10/04/2012

Reflections is AWESOME and Joe Ninowski is so talented and annointed...I truly know what it means to BE STILL and KNOW IAM THE LORD..because of REFLECTIONS..I watch it AS MUCH as I can..sometimes several times a day

Reviewed by Regina M, 08/12/2012

I watch Daystar Reflections most every morn. Its been extremely important in my life in Christ. Outstanding. I am in a nursing home rehab. No channel here. Have computer. Was trying to get Reflections to watch anytime. It's been a great way for me. I have MS and can't always see. It's as important as water and touch and prayer.

Reviewed by K.T. A, 05/18/2012

I like the music and the
Bible Scriptures. It is
blessings for me.
Thank you

Reviewed by Carole K, 05/04/2012

Stunning and beautiful. Perfect for soaking in God's love and beauty. Thank you for making this. Can't wait for the next one

Reviewed by Sherry , 04/22/2012

Fantastic the photography is wonderful, you see Gods glory in what he has created. The only thing missing is the smells of the water&flowers ha ha. Saying the word of God outloud increases my faith!

Reviewed by Sharon i, 02/04/2012

I love the music, Bible passages and the nature scenes are gorgeous.

Reviewed by ana , 01/28/2012

this is awesome, relaxing plus great tool to meditate on God's love

Reviewed by Diamond M, 01/17/2012

I love Reflections! I usually just leave the tv on in my room (on DayStar). There have been times when Reflections would come on and I immediately feel the peace of God come over me. It often causes me to want to pause from my busy day and spend time with the Lord in reading the Bible or just talking with Him.

One of the first times I saw Reflections was one night I could not go to sleep because, as a college student, I had so much weighing on my shoulders regarding plans, dreams, and goals I have. Reflections came on that early morning and my tears of burden softened into tears of remembering God's promises toward me. And a peace came over me which helped me fall asleep.

I was so happy to find that Reflections is made available for purchase on DVD. I received my copy no more than a week after purchasing it, and the clarity of the DVD is wonderful.

Thank you DayStar for making this DVD available, and please continue to play this program!

Reviewed by June E, 12/20/2011

This is the most Blessed program ever! I watch every day from 4:00 to 6:00 am. I hope to be able to buy more volumes in the future on DVD. This is a truie gift from God...

Reviewed by John A, 12/06/2011

I want to thank you Daystar for your Reflections Program. This is one of the most beneficial programs that I have ever seen on any television network. One evening I woke up in distress over a situation at work. My wife had left the TV on Daystar when she fell asleep and Reflections was playing. While I prayed over my circumstances, the Holy Spirit used the Reflections program to help me find my way back to a place of peace in God. I have been using the program now in my prayer time; as a devotional. It is so beautifully effective. The music, the scriptures, the beautiful video; this program has become a true blessing in our lives!

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