The Music of Reflections CD


Song Listing

*This is an AUDIO ONLY CD

1. The Lord's Prayer
2. Reflections
3. Taking Flight
4. A Thankful Heart (Reflections Theme)
5. Gentle Brook
6. Rush Hour On The Escalante
7. Peace
8. Conversations
9. A Bridge Over Time
10. An Unseen World
11. Surreal
12. Sweet Hour of Prayer


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by David N, 04/22/2018

It is Peace like a River through Anointed Music.
Simply Amazing.

Reviewed by Bill M, 01/12/2018

Wonderful, uplifting messages. Music is appropriate except the music with lyrics which takes away from the worshipful mood.

Reviewed by James H, 11/04/2017

In my devotional prayer time with The LORD, this music has proven to be an extraordinary asset. It provides a calming, reflective baseline which stimulates my ability to communicate with God in such meaningful and fulfilling ways, that I always come away refreshed and renewed. Before I began using this album, that was not always the case.

Thank you for making it available, and whenever Volume 2 comes out, I want it!


Reviewed by Girdine C, 10/19/2017

Daystar Reflections I view every night for years and experience the Glory of each video. Interested only in Spiritual CD's. I have only one dvd, but would like to have each ultimately. Sincerely, Thank Your Program.

Reviewed by David N, 07/20/2017

The Arrangements on this Music CD are Heaven Sent.
It is like Heaven on Earth while listening.
It is so soothing and relaxing.
I can sense that these Musicians are Fellowshipping with the Lord while playing their music......what a Beautiful Thing !

Reviewed by Tammy A, 07/19/2017

EXCELLENT CD.....when my husband was sick this is all I listened to and it gave so much PEACE. It is anointed straight from God

Reviewed by Cindi , 03/30/2017

Love, Love, Love this CD. Excitedly waiting for more volumes.

Reviewed by Tammy A, 03/04/2017

I played this CD for my sister and she feel in love with it so I gave her my copy and I will be buying another one soon because I love the music it is sooooo peaceful, soothing. I would recommend this CD to anyone

Reviewed by Tammy , 12/07/2016

This is such a mellow beautiful collection of music to worship the Lord with or to have private devotional with the Lord AWESOME MUSIC!

Reviewed by Jackie R, 11/10/2016

We Love this CD so very much. Such a beautiful collection of music to play in the backround while going about our day in the home.

Reviewed by Anne H, 09/18/2016

I watch reflections all the time and this music is breathtaking.

Reviewed by melissa c, 07/25/2016

I love reflections and own several of them including the December one. Just watching them and listening to the soothing music and scripture they take me to a special place of peace and reminds me of the beauty of the world our God has created for us.

Reviewed by P M, 03/08/2016

i love this cd it keeps a constant level of sound so that you do not have to constantly change the volume and you can listen to it easily. when played in the background it does not interrupt conversation or prayer.

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