Joni Lamb & The Daystar Singers and Band - Set Free (CD)

Set Free
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Joni Lamb and the Daystar Singers and Band - featuring all new, original songs!

Track Listing

1) Free
2) Give it All Away
3) This is Your Moment
4) The Journey
5) Love Song of Heaven
6) Your Love has Set Me Free
7) This is the Day
8) You Have Freed Us
9) Rain On Us
10) Fall Fresh On Me
11) I Choose to Love
12) Let Freedom Ring


Original Release Date: May 31, 2011
Copyright: 2011 Daystar Television Network
Total Length: 1:05:17

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Uta , 12/03/2015

I like the singer who sings Journey and other songs with the Daystar singers can we buy his cd's?

Reviewed by M. L, 07/13/2015

Much respect for the Anointing on this group of believers and the grace of worship in music.

Reviewed by Jim W, 04/18/2015

Fall fresh on me is so anointed, I feel that heavens song must be like this.

Reviewed by Darlene , 10/26/2014

Joni was already an established gospel singer before The Daystar Singer's & Band.
Having watched Daystar in it's infant yrs. 1998-1999.I have many of her older c.d.'s as well. I Love The Daystar Singer's & Band and Joe N. is an incredible talent. God knew what he was doing when he put this band together. So anointed! It's really hard for me to pick a favorite, However I will share this, the song "I Choose To Love" actually brought My daughter & I back together.'family Restoration'. What Joy!

Thank You Joni & The Daystar singer's & Band.
God bless You all.

Reviewed by Machelle , 07/05/2012

Every song on this CD allows one a true worship experience. I love listening to this CD because it ministers to my soul! Although I love EVERY song on this CD, "Fall Fresh On Me" is a song that epitomizes a true worship experience. The words are so beautiful - I absolutely love this song! Great job, Joni Lamb and the Daystar singers!!!

Reviewed by Deanna , 06/21/2012

This is an amazing CD! If you need help putting on a garment of praise, put this CD on! So anointed and uplifting!

Reviewed by Shawna , 06/19/2012

I dont have the CD but I have heard the songs on Celebration and they are some of the most uplifting worship songs! I LOVE 'This is your moment'

Reviewed by John , 03/11/2012

This album is so annointed. Every song is a gem!

Reviewed by Jennifer W, 02/24/2012

This is my worship cd and I love it! It has been such a blessing in my life and I know will continue to. (My favorite songs are 'This is the Day' & You Have Freed Us'.

Reviewed by Payton , 02/16/2012

This album is amazing! The music is cool on this album and including "Give It All Away"!

Reviewed by judionna , 02/14/2012

It's worth it just for "Your Love Has Set Me Free." Gorgeous .

Reviewed by Peggy , 02/04/2012

This CD is great, as is all the Daystar CDs. I love all the songs

Reviewed by Sylvia , 01/28/2012

I love, love, love this Cd! Every song is anointed by God and I just can't stop listening and singing to all the songs! You're missing out if you don't buy this Cd!!

Reviewed by Mickey , 01/27/2012

I love it lots especially The Journey

Reviewed by June , 01/27/2012

This CD is in my Dodge Ram (Hemi) all the time. It's all I listen to. Especially on my way to work. You can't help but worship God. These songs are truly moving.. The Holy Spirit is in each and every song. Every one!

Reviewed by Luz , 01/24/2012


Reviewed by Jeaneane , 01/04/2012

I received my CD in the spring for being a partner and it is phenomenal. (I am a musician/songwriter/singer myself so this comes from a peer.

Reviewed by Ross , 10/27/2011

I love this cd! The Journey is a great song!

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