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No Chains
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No Chains is an uplifting and empowering CD with a vast array of musical color. This new Joni Lamb and the Daystar Singers and Band project features 5 brand new tracks, along with 7 cover songs, bringing you a musical experience like no other – from foot-tapping praise to traditional gospel and beyond, there’s something for every music lover in your family!

Note: Does NOT feature Fred Hammond. That version of No Chains is only offered to Partners of Daystar who pledged during Heart for the World.

Track Listing

1) No Chains On Me
2) Dare To Believe
3) 10,000 Reasons
4) Your Great Name
5) Cast All
6) I See Heaven
7) Victory Anthem
8) It's Through the Blood
9) All Things New
10) Moving Forward
11) Free Indeed
12) Holy Spirit


Original Release Date: Nov 4, 2014
Copyright: 2014 Daystar Television Network
Total Length: 1:03:04

Audio Samples

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Mary P, 04/25/2018

I love this CD. I received the partners version featuring Fred Hammond singing "No Chains" with the Daystar Singers. That song is so uplifting. However, my favorite song is "Moving Forward." The entire CD is uplifting and ministers to your soul.

Reviewed by Ramona N, 03/16/2018

Excellent! I am a partner and have received this CD for partners. I have it on during the day and I cam feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the air. When my precious grand daughters (9 & 11) are here, I play this CD and they see me sing and give praise and worship to the Lord. Before I know it, they are doing the same. Weeks later, they tell me they can't get those songs out of their mind. Parents/Grandparents: We ARE their role-model. Children learn and mimic what they see.You won't regret buying this. Love this CD!

Reviewed by David N, 07/20/2017

Awesome, awesome & awesome !!!!!!!
From the beginning to the end.
So many Singers and Musicians demonstrating an Excellent Spirit.
If one needs help drawing near to the Lord,
This Praise and Worship Music will definitely help!

Grace and Peace to you

Reviewed by Anne H, 10/26/2016

I hear the singers while watching reflections and I think they are wonderful, such an uplifting experience

Reviewed by Joanne G, 01/31/2016

"The Best!" Ten Stars! I play this CD every day, sometimes several times a day. It makes me feel peaceful and close to the Lord during a tumultuous time in my life. Listening to the songs also makes me feel close to my Daystar family! Love them and am grateful for them!

Reviewed by Jacqueline N, 11/27/2015

Thanks for the audio samples>I ordered this cd.As a partner with Daystae,I am totally blessed.

Reviewed by Diana P, 10/22/2015

I had only heard a couple of the songs when I bought this CD at a Catch the Fire Conference in Toronto. It's an amazing CD and I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by David S, 07/18/2015

No Chains is a fantastic album. Very inspirational and easy to listen to. Relays a great message. Kudos to Joni for putting together a great group of singers.

Reviewed by M. L, 07/13/2015

You are blessed, therefore, G-d has blessed His work through these singers. Let a fresh wind blow upon ears and may deep calleth unto deep. I decree it is so.

Reviewed by David S, 07/10/2015

I listen to them on Channel 69 Indianapolis.
I love the sound. WOW
Love this album.

Reviewed by James B, 06/07/2015

We listen to only this CD!
This is our 3rd copy!
We broke one, gave one away, and now we need one for ourselves!

Reviewed by Ramona , 02/21/2015

Excellent! I rec. this while pledging. Play all the time. My husband plays in his business truck all day and now my 8-year old grand daughter wants her own to sing to and "bring the holy spirit into her household". Praise God. Cannot keep keeping the tears from flowing while listening

Reviewed by Teshia , 01/29/2015

This No Chains CD has been a great Blessing to me and my life. The message in the songs are of God's Word and it has ministered to me and shared God's peace and joy in my heart!

Reviewed by James B, 01/23/2015

WONDERFUL! Awesome songs. Thank you Fred & Joanie. We got one of the originals with Fred, but it accidently got broken, and we had to buy another one because we missed being able to play it.

Reviewed by BARBARA /, 12/15/2014

This is great,wonderful, It helps you when you feel no love around you. Thanks for this CD God bless each and every voice. Thank you.

Reviewed by harriet S, 10/30/2014

Great! Great music. We have been waiting for new music from the Daystar Singers and Band. "I am Free Indeed" feels me with peace and joy that comes from Jesus alone. I have been watching all the time the old episode of 'Marcus and Joni' when you had the young prophet from Florida, just to listen to it. You are ministering to us through this music. Thank you and God Bless you.

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