Menopause Moisture Creme


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Menopause Moisture Creme
With Red Clover Extract


Micronized progesterone (USP-1000mg per jar), Red Clover Extract (Phyto-Estrogen), Extract of Wild Yam, Red Raspberry, Dandelion Root and Leaf, Aloe Vera, Essential Oils, Lecithin, Chamomile Extract, Rosemary Extract, Uniphen, Purified Water.

What makes our Creme different is the 1000 mg of USP Progesterone and the synergy of the herbs we have selected.  Creme is in a 2 oz jar and is a one month's supply.

Suggested Use
Apply 1/4 tsp. twice daily on inner arms, wrists, palms of hands,thighs, face or neck.
Use 25 day per month.Repeat Monthly. Rotate areas of application.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Linda P, 09/26/2012

Such a relief! For about 3 years I went around having this yucky feeling inside of a "rotten" feeling....I found it very hard to be happy....very hard to smile at other people...and my hair had been falling out like crazy....was watching Jonis Table talk and decided to get a jar of the purple label and noticed a big difference the 2nd day I tried it. Amazing stuff. Amazing how much time was lost in feeling so "rotten". Have been on this creme for 3 months now. Im thankful! So thankful that Im getting ready to order me another one. yay!

Reviewed by linda j, 09/03/2012

I used Menopause cream a few years ago and quit until 3 months ago. Was praying as to why I kept having headaches at least every other day. and i believe that the Holy Spirit reminded me of your product.Started using again and I have no more headaches.

Reviewed by Debra , 08/06/2012

I LOVE it! I was always agitated for nothing and I didn't know why. Until a friend said it was hormones or lack thereof. So when I tried the hormone cream I noticed I wasn't as irritable and my sleep was better. Thank you.

Reviewed by Anne H, 06/27/2012

I found this cream to be really good. I felt much better after using it. I've used two jars and am recommending it to a friend now.

Reviewed by Terri P, 06/24/2012

I heard about this cream watching Daystar and I must say that I absolutely love this product! My sisters and mother are also using this and my coworkers!I would highly recommend this product!

Reviewed by Julie H, 06/02/2012

I have been using this creme for several years. I was so happy when Daystar, my favorite Christian network, starting selling it. Thank you so much because the stores that did carry it discontinued carrying it. It's natural and so much safer than oral ones.

Reviewed by Betty L, 05/21/2012

I have been using the Menopause Moisture Creme for two months. What a difference I have noticed in everything from my mood swings to my hair becoming thicker and more healthy. My family doctor wanted to put me on anti-depressants instead of hormones, but I refused. I knew what my body needed and I wanted natural hormone replacements. My sister uses Pro Help Creme and gave me the information that I needed to find the Menopause Creme. Thank You

Reviewed by Rhonda , 04/12/2012

I just watched the show with Dr. Hoffman and I am excited. I am 56 yrs and have been suffering from menopausal symptoms since my 48th birthday. I have tried literally every medicinal, hormonal, natural supplement under the heavens with no relief. I believe that I may have found the answer. I will let you know.

Reviewed by Cheryl H, 04/07/2012

Best product of its kind.

Reviewed by Michelle , 03/13/2012

Great product. Watched the program, bought the product 2-3 years ago and have been using it ever since. Relieves the symptoms on menopause and is a safe product to use. How great is that! Thank you Daystar.

Reviewed by Cyndy , 02/07/2012

This product is wonderful and so easy to apply! It took about a 5 week period, but I no longer have hot flashes. And my intimacy with my husband has improved dramatically!! My husband reminds me to order more! It is so nice not having to take un-natural prescriptions. And not having to worry about any medical side effects. Thank you Better Health and Daystar for supplying this for us!!

Reviewed by Dixie V, 12/25/2011

I'm 75yrs old. Been using Menopause Cream fairly regularly for many months. Got really busy a couple of months ago and did not reordered. Not too smart, I know. However, began noticing my nails becoming weaker and breaking AND more than usual hair fall out. It dawned on me (one guess where it came from) that I've NOT been using "the cream" daily. I know this is the problem. Get works.

Reviewed by Lorraine N, 12/09/2011

I have been using the Menopause creme for a while and think it is great. Thanks a million

Reviewed by Judy G, 12/03/2011

Have used 2 containers of this product so far, love the way it dissolves into the skin, non greasy or oily or sticky residue. I still get hot flashes but since using this they're shorter & my facial hair problem areas are a little less troublesome. Over all, I feel that it has been helpful, I want to try another container of it & see if I continue to get added results.

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