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"Surrender All" is your answer to Living with Peace, Power and Purpose. Joni Lamb shares stories of how the power of Surrender helped change her life and others.

From Joni:
"My desire, most of all, is to help you find your place in a world full of chaos and human suffering. There is a place of peace, power and purpose in this world -- and it begins with one word. Surrender."

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Katrina , 06/15/2018

Wonderful book! I loved all the testimony of various people! Definitely worth reading

Reviewed by a t, 06/21/2013

Genuinely written. Really liked the examples given throughout. Have given book to all kinds...conservative/middle road protestant/cathlics, etc. Gently nudges people in the riight direction. Nice job, Joni.

Reviewed by Judie n, 02/20/2013

I cant wait to have this book. My life ll neva b the same again.

Reviewed by Karen , 03/29/2012

A friend lent me this book and I was able to read part of it. It was so good, I could hardly put it down. I can't wait to order it for myself!

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